We’re proud to announce our much anticipated 4th album ‘Any Old Love’, a journey into the outback world of broken down jockeys, also-rans and bar room redemption.

It will be released on Feb 7th 2014. The huge jobs of recording, mixing and mastering are all done, artwork is complete and the CDs and vinyl are in manufacture. We’re stoked with the songs and the sounds, and can’t wait to get out there and play them for you.

Any Old Love is set in Barcaldine in the 1970’s and tells the tale of an injured former big-time jockey working on the Central Western Railway Line. Here he becomes increasingly estranged from his family as the lost dreams of champagne-soaked Group 1 winners lead him to the mighty Shakespeare Hotel. The camaraderie amidst the jukebox sounds of Freddie Fender and Tom T Hall offering comfort in this isolated outpost.

The album sees the return of esteemed Go-Betweens founder Robert Forster as producer having worked with Halfway on their previous record ‘An Outpost of Promise’. We also attracted the ear of legendary Replacements producer Peter Jesperson who co-produced the album with new Halfway member John Willsteed.

Stay tuned for more news on the album, we’ll be previewing it for you soon. And enjoy the new website!